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I'm an actor.

Sometimes I direct and sometimes I play music.

Mostly I know that the theatre is where I belong. 

I was born in Aberdeen, Scotland and grew up in Canada,

on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

I've been working professionally in theatre since 1984,

when I began as an apprentice with a new Shakespeare

festival on the west coast. I've lived and worked in 

Vancouver, Toronto, and for the past fifteen years,

New York City with my amazing wife Laurie Wells. 






            "Don Noble is given the thankless task of standing in Gregory Peck’s shadow and he walks brilliantly out from underneath. This is an Atticus Finch that would make Peck jealous. Noble gives a near-perfect portrayal without the hints of smugness that sometimes touch the role."

- Michael Eck, Albany Times Union, 3/3/10




            "Don Noble is perfectly cast as Gabriel… Noble has a voice made for the stage and he is often almost mesmerizing …"          

- Michael Eck, Albany Times Union, 3/19/09


            FUNNY GIRL


"Don Noble is perfect as Nick. Noble works his considerable sex appeal like he's playing a well-tuned cello, and he reveals his character's frailties with finesse."   - Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight




"Don Noble is perfect as the Reverend Morell, happy and self-satisfied in his stable, apparently ideal life with Candida, suddenly caught in the turmoil of jealousy, loss of security and battle over his wife."  

-Donna Wilford, Cowichan Valley Citizen


"...the Reverend James Morell, played to confused perfection by Don Noble."

- Robert Mitchell, CBC


"Rev. James Morell ( a perfectly pious Don Noble)..."

- Peter Rusland, Cowichan News Leader


"Don Noble gave a keystone performance Friday night as Morell..."

- Adrian Chamberlain, Victoria Times Colonist



            MAMMA MIA!


            "Don Noble leads the pack as a strong and sympathetic Sam... the one old flame she has never quenched."

            -Chuck Lavazzi, KDHX-FM,


            "Noble is the standout here, giving Sam a tenderness that touches deeply."

            -Carrie Gruman Trinker, Fox Cities Post-Crescent


            "The leading man, and a singing standout, is the amazing and articulate Don Noble playing Sam, Donna's true lost love. He delivers a remarkable stage presence with his delivery of ABBA's rousing "S.O.S.," the gorgeous ballad "Knowing Me, Knowing You," and the foot stomping dance number "I Do I Do I Do" with Donna and the company."

            -Ed Held, The St. Bernard Voice, New Orleans


            "As Donna's former lover Sam, Don Noble is also seduced by the nuptial magic and the possibility of love reawakened. Check him out in the finale: no one looks happier in those outrageous, day-glo disco duds than this newly hatched rock star."

            -Wendell Brock, Atlanta Journal-Constitution



            THE LAST RESORT


            "...Don Noble as playboy Trent Balfour is hilarious..."

            -Tara Merrin, Calgary Sun


            AN IDEAL HUSBAND


            “The amiably insouciant Lord Goring…”

            "...the wildly delightful Lord Goring is Don Noble..."

Don Noble actor about

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